Our Preschool vision is to invest in every child and allow them to develop an ownership which is sustainable to their development, while being collaborators, in achieving their dreams.

Our Playschool Mission is to introduce a learning that serves children's true needs, a learning that nutures and uplifts, a learning that helps children understand their life where, the core of the child is the center of the preschool curriculum.

About Us

At Mahara, our philosophy is to value the importance of nurturing the child and providing them with an environment where they can bring out their maximum potential and learn to express themselves in the best possible way. Our approach to your child’s early education is to create a learning habitat that helps enhance their power of thought and facilitate their ability to express their emotions.

Feeding their curiosity with a generous amount of love, it's our aim to provide the little individuals a happy, well-rounded development and a strong foundation through a holistic approach.

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